Monday, December 31, 2007

Running Again

So, I have been back to running the past couple of weeks and it has generally felt pretty good, though I just can't seem to hold myself back enough.

Last weekend I went for what was supposed to be an easy 2 hour run. It started out easy enough, and I even took the uphills slow. But coming back I was feeling good and really blasted the downhills. And in doing so, I think I re-aggravated my left-ankle/Achilles injury and my left hamstring. Additionally, I think I just ran too much over the last two weeks as my right knee is bothering me a little - feels like runners knee.

I'm trying to ice the left ankle/Achilles and right knee, but have only been successful intermittently. Not doing much about the hamstring though, except light stretching and strength training. Hopefully, I can manage these without having to take any additional time off. My "plan" is to focus on running slow, and flat (as flat as possible considering I live in the mountains, and refuse to run on most of the roads around here as there are too many crappy drivers).

Though I am getting deja vu, since I recall that being my "plan" before I started back running two weeks ago - DOH!

I have been putting together a tentative race schedule for 2008, and hope to post that soon.

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