Friday, December 14, 2007

Gettin Back to Running

I am really looking forward to getting back to running tomorrow. I have been taking it easy the past two weeks to give some nagging pains in my left leg a break. I guess if you call doing a couple hour-long elliptical workouts taking it easy than I have been taking it easy.

But no running, and I'm feeling pretty good. My plan is to run easy, and mostly flat stuff for a week or so and see how things feel. Hopefully I'll be feeling good, then I can get back to my regular trail running. I really want to ramp up my running and training this next year to prepare myself for longer distances, at least a 50 miler, as I would like to try to qualify to put my name in the Western States lottery for 2009. There is a track club that meets not far from my work - the Santa Cruz Track Club - and I'm thinking of joining so I can have a group to do some workouts with, and hopefully improve my form and do some speed work.

I also want to continue with the strength training I have been doing the last two weeks, as it really makes me feel good, and I know from past experience that it can help my running overall. I have focused on core strengthening and some light upper body work, but have also thrown in some leg work too. Since my left hamstring was giving me some problems I made sure to use light weight. And I'm thinking about getting a weight bench that will allow me to do leg work on a regular basis, with the hope that some regular, lightweight weight training for my legs will help condition my legs and prevent injury.

Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough! :D

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Addy said...

yay, glad you're getting back to it! Hope you're enjoying the comeback :)