Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Race Schedule

Well, I've been looking at all kinds of races for 2008, and have come up with quite a few that I am interested in, though won't do all of them. I may also add a few here and there, depending on other travel/vacation plans. Here are the ones I'm looking at:

1/13/08 - PCTR Angel Island 25K. I ran this last September and what a great run it is. Fabulous views of the SF Bay all around, and a fun place to go. I probably won't try to race this one, as I'm still struggling a bit with injury.

2/2/08 - PCTR Woodside 50K. I have to run this one, as my first attempt 12/1/07 (my first ultramarathon) didn't go so well, and I really think I can run a much better time. PCTR has also started a race series for 2008 and I'm hoping I can muster a few finishes with points by the end of the year.

2/16/08 - Western States Training Run #1. I may try to run this, only because I would like to get out on the WS trail and begin to become familiar with it. Someday, I hope to run Western States, and there is no time like the present to start to get to know it.

3/8/08 - Way Too Cool 50K. - Both my wife Lori and I are in this one. Sounds like a fun time, though from what I have read it tends to be somewhat crowded.

3/22/08 - PCTR Pirates Cove 50K. This is a maybe on my schedule and depends on whether I decide to run the next one on the list (and how I'm feeling after Way Too Cool).

3/22/08 - Rucky Chucky 50K. This one covers part of the Western States trail as well. Additionally, it is part of the Ultrarunner.net race series and I wouldn't mind participating in that.

4/19/08 - Sunsweet Tehama Wildflowers 50K. I have done some fishing on the Sacramento River in this area, and it is beautiful. This race is also part of the Ultrarunner.net race series.

4/27/08 - PCTR Big Basin 50K. I was supposed to run this as my first ultra last September, but got a nasty cold the week before that knocked me out. Since I live close by, this is a no-brainer.

5/3/08 - Miwok 100K. One of my primary goals this year is to run a qualifier for Western States so I can throw my name in the hat for 2009 and this one would give me that opportunity. This is still a question mark for me, as I'm on the fence about doing a 100 Km. before doing a 50 miler. I have heard so much about the course though, that I really would like to run this one. I'll have to make up my mind soon, as registration opens in less than a week and it fills fast.

5/10/08 - Quicksilver 50M. If I bail out of doing Miwok, then this will be my first opportunity to run a WS qualifier. This race is run in an area I used to hike (and go searching for snakes with my friends) as a kid. My parents still live in the area, so even if I don't do this one this year, I will run it sometime just because it is in "my neighborhood."

5/24-26/08 - Western States Training Run #2. Not sure if I will do this, but it sounds like a fun time and great way to learn a significant part of the trail. Also, I may try to pace someone, and if so, I will need to know the course.

6/14/08 - PCTR Santa Cruz 50K. I ran this last year as my first trail race since I ran the Dipsea twice in the late 1990's. I also do a lot of my regular runs on parts of this course, and live just down the road from Henry Cowell Redwood State Park. Again, this is a no-brainer for me.

7/5/08 - PCTR Angel Island (not sure what distance, though). Lori and I really liked the Angel Island run last September, so even though we are running this in January, I wouldn't mind going back again (and again, and...). Not sure what distance, though, as I am looking at doing the Tahoe Rim Trail (not sure what distance there, also) and I may not want to push things too much.

7/12/08 - Siskiyou Out Back 50K. Again, this is a bit of a question mark due to other race interests. I love the Ashland, Oregon area and would love to get back up there, as it has been awhile since I have visited there. If I do go, I would probably try to take a couple extra days to go do a little fishing up on the Rogue River, or shoot east a bit and fish the Williamson River (great hexigenia limbata hatch going on this time of the year on the Williamson River - brings big trout up top and they can get stupid with the floating buffet going by every evening :-)).

7/19/2008 - Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M. All the race reports I read on this one have made it sound like a fantastic race. And the scenery, well, how can you go wrong up in the Tahoe area? This also has the benefit of being part of the Ultrarunner.net series, as well as being the national championship for both USATF and RRCA for the 100M trail distance, so there will be lots of speedy folks to watch and cheer on along the way. Not sure about the distance I will do if I go.

8/3/08 - San Francisco Marathon. This is on my list because Lori is planning to run this, so I will be up there to support her in whatever way I can. This will be her first marathon. Kinda funny, since she will have already done an ultra if everything works out well and she is able to finish the Way Too Cool 50 Km. in March that we are signed up for.

8/9/08 - PCTR Headlands Hundred (50M/100M). This may be my first 100 miler, though I am not sure I want to push myself that far this year. It will depend on how things go earlier in the summer and how I am feeling. If I don't do the 100M, then maybe the 50M. Again, I have heard so much about the course and this race in particular - and you can't go wrong with a PCTR run, as Wendell and Sarah (and Aaron) put on great runs/races (in beautiful places).

9/6/08 - PCTR Redwood Park (not sure about distance). Another question mark run. Depends on lots of things. I have heard lots about the great trails in the Oakland/East Bay area and this would be a great way to learn about some of them.

9/20/08 - Sierra Nevada Endurance Run. Yet another question mark. Sounds like a great place and race, and it is part of the Ultrarunner.net race series. Guess it depends on whether I have any points in the series, and how I am feeling. This is done in conjunction with the Rio del Lago 100M race, which is also part of the Ultrarunner.net race series.

10/5/08 - PCTR Carmel Valley (not sure on distance). I ran the 25K race in October 2007, and while I did well, it kicked my ass. I would like to go back and see if I perform better on those brutal climbs and descents.

10/25/08 - Whiskeytown 50K. This race is held in the mountains east of Redding, along Clear Creek. A beautiful area, I almost ran this in 2007, but decided not to as it would have been on the front end of a week + long camping trip that Lori and I took up to the McCloud River and we didn't want to start off all sweaty and stinky (we got stinky enough as it was). We will most likely do the camping trip again (it has become an annual trip for us) and so may just time it for the start of that.

11/8/08 - PCTR Stinson Beach (no link yet, and not sure on distance). This is a question mark, but I would like to run at least one more PCTR run before the end of the year, depending on how I am feeling and where I am points-wise in their race series.

11/22/08 - Quad Dipsea. A beautiful course, no doubt, and challenging. I have run the Dipsea twice, back in the late 1990's, and would love to do the quad - just for the sheer brutality of the climbs and descents.

12/20/08 - PCTR Rodeo Beach (no link yet, and not sure on distance). Again, this is a question mark, but it would be a nice distraction from all the holiday shenanigans going on.

So there it is, for all to scrutinize and hold me accountable for. Kinda scary. A number of them are question marks as I just can't say for sure that I'll be able to do some of them. And a few are in there as options if I don't do others. But still, there are a total of 24 races on the list. No way I'm doing them all, but I hope to be able to do quite a few of them.

Happy New Year to all, and I hope you have a healthy and trail running filled 2008!


Topher said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like a busy year, and as always, I'll be looking forward to great descriptions to make me jealous of where you get to run.

Addy said...

Sounds like a great year! If my leg behaves, I'll hopefully be doing a lot of those same races :) Seems like some ambitious but great goals for 2008!

fatozzig said...

Hey Andy - One of these times when you decide to come to the Trinity Alps again, maybe you and my two friends could hook up for a run. We're already itching to get back up there . . . .but I'm sure the snow's a bit deep this time of year. :o) Anyway, if you decide you want to, I can be contacted at fatozzig@yahoo.com. Have a great New Year!

Juls said...

Yikes! That's one amazing list of events. Best of luck.