Monday, August 27, 2007

Western States documentary

I recently bought the documentary on the Western States Endurance Run - A Race for the Soul. It was produced by KVIE Public Television. It is pretty cool. I already have Western States as a long-term goal, so seeing this just confirms my desire to attempt it. Even though I have yet to run an ultra, it doesn't hurt to have a long-term goal to keep you motivated. So, I'm willing to check out just about anything remotely related to Western States.

If you haven't seen this, it really gives a pretty good look at what the race is about (at least from my inexperienced point-of-view). Good interviews with a wide range of people involved from volunteers to support crew to racers - from front runners to back-of-packers. The 2 DVD set includes a disk of footage from various aid stations, the river crossing, and the finish line. The only knock I have on it is the music is corny. But that is small potatoes in the grand scheme.

If you are looking for something to provide a little entertainment and motivation, take a look at A Race for the Soul. And if you have any tips on stuff related to WS, even remotely, let me know. I need my fix, man!

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Addy said...

haha...I love the movie! I actually ran for a bit with the running couple (who are the last to officially finish the race in the dvd) at tahoe and wanted to get their picture but thought that I'd come across as weird :D. I also saw Dawn from the movie at a PCTR race I did. Ah, running celebrities!

The only other 'fix' I know of (despite people not liking him) is the ultramarathon man book, which has Dean's pretty good account of his WS attempt. Also, race reports online are good :D.