Monday, August 27, 2007

New shoes

So, I ordered a new pair of my favorite trail shoes - Mizuno's Wave Ascend 2 - and get a call from the store to inform me that they are out of my size. Completely. Not just them, but the manufacturer too! Not too surprising given the color they decided to go with.

Now, I love these shoes. And I am willing to wear this color because they are so comfortable to me. While they will not do the job in the winter around here - they just don't have any weather protection - I love how light they are and what great feel they have. It's almost like they are a part of my feet.

For me, a good, comfortable pair of shoes is worth the money. Or a terrible color. What the hell were they thinking? According to the running shoe store employee, the manufacturer's rep said that Mizuno was trying to "be different" and really "stand out". At the expense of business? With total loss of good judgment?!?

The reason the manufacturer is out is because buyer response to the color was so bad, they decided to halt production and wait until they do a run of new colors for next year. They won't be available until January. I can't wait until then. My current pair will be done in a few weeks. I have yet to find a pair of winter shoes that fit well enough. I have found one that feels pretty good - the Vasque Blur with Gore Tex - but not willing to commit yet until I try on some others.

So, I ended up finding a pair online and ordering them. I really didn't want to, as I prefer to support local businesses as much as possible, but I needed a pair of shoes. Sorry local business. I know your pain. I worked in specialty retail for quite a few years and hated losing business to other online stores. But it happens. And people need what they need (or want what they want - whatever). If you see a guy running around in the Santa Cruz area with a dirty pair of yellow shoes, say hi. It'll probably be me. I'm sure I'll be one of the few fools with a pair, as it seems. Guess that makes me "different" and someone who will "stand out." Whoopee. At least they're comfortable. That's all I care about.

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