Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Races

Well, my spring racing season is filling up fast. I just found out that I got into one of my goal races for the year - the Miwok 100k Trail Race - held in the Marin Headlands in early May. I'm very excited about getting into this race, as I have run part of the course and it is beautiful, as well as challenging. This was the first year they went to a lottery to select the field, as opposed to first-come first-serve online registration. So getting into this sets the tone for the rest of my year, in a way.

Other races I have (or probably will have) coming up are these:

Way Too Cool 50k - March 14. I'm 2nd or 3rd on the wait list, and the RD says I'm pretty much in.

American River 50-Mile Endurance Run - April 4. My wife registered for this last fall, but is now dealing with ITBS and can't rehab and build up in time, so she contacted the RD (who happens to be the same one as WTC) to see if I could take her place. She said yes, so now I have a 50 miler on my spring schedule. This is a pretty flat course, and who knows, maybe I can knock a little time off my 50 mile PR here. With this being in early April, that should give me plenty of time to recover for the next one on my list.

Miwok 100k - May 2. Already mentioned this above.

Ohlone Wilderness Run 50k - May 31. Both my wife and I are registered for this one. She ran it last year, and I skipped it as I had just run my first 50 miler at Quicksilver a few weeks before and didn't want to push it. Well, this year I'm pushing it. I don't think I'll be setting any 50k PR at this one, though if the weather is anything like it was in 2008, I don't know that anyone will be setting any PR's - it was HOT!

So, that is what I have on the schedule so far, though those are not the only races I'm looking at. It's highly likely that the Angel Island 50k will be on my schedule, as Lori and I have gone up there a few times and it's a great place to run - this summer it is being held on July 4th. Unfortunately, all the camping sites have been reserved. I also want to run my first 100 miler this year, and I'm leaning heavily towards the Headlands Hundred 100 Mile Endurance Run, put on by Pacific Coast Trail Runs, being held August 8 - 9. And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to do the Quad Dipsea again - that is a fun run and I think I can do better than I did this past November.


fatozzig said...

Hey Andy - Headlands 100 will be a climbing challenge, although I think you've already run parts of that course in the past (?). I crewed for a friend last year, and personally, I had a blast!

Good luck with your racing season. Have fun!

andyb said...

Thanks, Leslie. Yes, I have run the first 50 miles of it, last year. Looking forward to running the full 100.

Hope you are doing well and your training is going well! :-)

Denise said...

You do have a lot lined up! I'm shooting for my first 50 miler this summer...*fingers crossed*

Andy B. said...

Good luck Denise - you can do it! Just keep puttin one foot in front of the other... :-)

wcaitlin said...

Thanks for the kind words and the input regarding WS. I think I'll be waiting on that venture and possibly make it a goal for 2010. Sounds like I'll be seeing you at Miwok!

wcaitlin said...

I'd never charge for an autograph. I'd just be stoked to give them! As for me buying dinner for Will... hmmm... I think that he should buy it for me whenever I win, just a thought :).