Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Terri Schneider and Racing the Planet: The Last Desert

A friend of mine, Terri Schneider, is participating in the Racing the Planet: The Last Desert run in Antarctica this upcoming November-December. And, she is raising money for The Conservation Alliance in conjunction with the race. It's a good cause, and Terri is a good person. Terri is a Santa Cruz, CA based triathlon and running coach, as well as an elite triathlete and adventure racer. Please consider supporting her in this endeavor. Here is a letter from Terri with details:

Most of my life I’ve sought adventure, physical duress and travel to far off wild places and the virtue that comes with these types of life choices. I’ve also witnessed the fragile relationship of human interaction with our planet. While the adventures I seek today seem to hold a much greater purpose, my time to give back is way, way, overdue. But the thought of running in 120 degree heat across the Sahara Desert is much more appealing to me than facing the terror of asking people to donate money for a cause…

Won’t you join me for my inaugural fundraising efforts and help dispel my fundraising fears! I’m raising money for The Conservation Alliance – an organization that directs their funding toward your community-based campaigns that protect threatened wild habitats. In this process we’ll embark on a big adventure – really big. I’ll be running 155 miles on one of the harshest continents on the planet – Antarctica. Join me! for Racing Antarctica, my fundraiser for The Conservation Alliance.

By supporting The Conservation Alliance, you will invest in an array of the most compelling conservation projects in North America—projects that support your favorite wild places and those of your children for years to come. The zeal of The Conservation Alliance and the outdoor industry companies who support this organization resonate highly with our lives and passions – like a cohesive family nurturing our planet. Help me in supporting your favorite wild places by joining me for Racing Antarctica. Contribute NOW!

The idea of running 155 miles in one of the most inaccessible spots on the planet for the cause of protecting your favorite places back home is a perfect fit. Scroll down for a bit more info about the cause, the adventure and what YOU get for joining our Team.

The Cause

Have you given back to the rivers, mountains and open spaces that move you? To the places that humble you and will nurture your children for years to come? The Conservation Alliance does just that. They defend North America’s last wild places by supporting grassroots conservation organizations. Since 1989 they have helped protect more than 39 million acres of land, stop or remove 26 dams, and preserve access to thousands of miles of rivers and several climbing areas. But their job is unceasing! NOW’S YOUR CHANCE to give back!

The Adventure

I am one of 30 invited athletes who will participate in Racing the Planet: The Last Desert, November 24-December 4, 2008. As the windiest, driest and most frigid continent, Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. The Last Desert adventure will begin in Ushuaia, Argentina where we will travel two days by ship across the perilous Drake Passage. For 6 days and a total of 155 miles we will run at several locations on Antarctica and its outlying islands. I will be running to raise money for The Conservation Alliance – the folks who help preserve your favorite wild places.

Our goal is $5,000 (but I’d love to raise much much more)!

Your tax deductible contribution:

As a Racing Antarctica team member you’ll receive the following:

- You’ll come along to Antarctica! Your name (or company’s name) will be placed on a shirt that I’ll wear during my Last Desert adventure. (orca and polar bear levels get top billing)

- Invitation to a Team Racing Antarctica post event slide show and party!

- Regular updates on my training as well as live dispatches from the event.

- All contributors will get well deserved recognition on my website, on my donation site, as well as in all PR materials.

Suggested contributions:

- Orca Level: $1000
- Polar Bear Level: $500
- Leopard Seal Level: $100
- Weddell Seal Level: $50
- Emperor Penguin Level: $25
- Other: Whatever amount you wish!

1. Online donation site: To donate quickly and easily CLICK HERE. Go to for more info.

2. Via email: To avoid an online fee, email – your contribution can be taken via visa/mastercard

3. Via mail: Send your check to Terri Schneider – Racing Antarctica, PO Box 1826, Aptos, CA 95001

I’m psyched at the prospect of running in inhospitable Antarctica to raise funds to support the wild places YOU love back home! Help me support this critical cause (and get a well deserved tax deduction…)!

Heartfelt thanks for your time in this,

Terri Schneider

Also, Terri is hosting an endurance event movie night. Details below:

This November I will embark on a 6 day, 155 mile running stage race in Antarctica, one of the harshest environments on the planet. I'll be competing as a fundraiser for The Conservation Alliance - the folks who give back to your favorite wild places in North America. Support me in this quest - Racing Antarctica for The Conservation Alliance - at an upcoming movie night!

My first fundraising effort has been both challenging and hugely rewarding and I am thus far astonished at the generosity of so many friends. Having passion for what the people at The Conservation Alliance are accomplishing keeps me motivated. But their job is unceasing - as is mine to gain funding for their cause.

So to add some fun to this fundraising process I've decided to host an "Endurance Madness" Movie Night. I'll show film clips from Hawaii Ironman, Eco Challenge and an excellent documentary on Western States 100 and I'm certain that unless you have watched these with me you have never seen them - all "never been seen on TV footage!"

This will be a night of fun, films and raffle prizes. Plan to be inspired!

"Endurance Madness" Movie Night - Long Marine Lab, Santa Cruz, CA. Thursday, November 6th 7:00 PM. Donations accepted at the door. Refreshments will be served.

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