Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Running and New Stuff

Lots going on lately, and I hope to catch up on all of it here in the near future. A couple races, an injury, new training methods and gear, and...a new puppy! I'm working on my most recent race report, and should have that up in a few days. Meanwhile, here is a picture of our newest family member - Murphy the Murphinator:

Murphy is a border collie/lab mix that we picked up from the Santa Cruz SPCA. He is a pretty smart guy, about 4 months old and 30 lbs. I'm guessing he'll go about 60 lbs. or so when fully grown. Our other dog, Maggie, gets a little jealous and possessive of some toys occasionally, but all-in-all they get along pretty well. It's really fun to watch them chase each other in the backyard.


fatozzig said...

Hey Andy - I just read through some of your posts and saw that you got up to the Trinity Alps last September. It's beautiful up there, isn't it? It sounds like you camped down below then did your run up the trail. The run to Upper Lake and back is 18 miles total, and you crest at about 6,000 feet.

What other runs have you accomplished this year? I completed my first ultra in March (Forest Park through PCTR) and was swept at Mile 22 at my second (SOB). That sucked. I'll be doing my first regular marathon at Bizz Johnson on Oct. 12.

I also crewed for a friend at her first 100 - Headlands Hundred - last month. What an experience! Makes you think, "Hmmmmmmm ..."

Take care ~

Andy B. said...

Hi Leslie,

Nice to hear from you again. Yes, the Trinity Alps are a wonderful place, I hope to do a lot more exploring up there sometime. Lots of great running and fishing opportunities!

I was running quite a bit up through early July, then injured my calf, rehabbed it, ran a little more, then just re injured it again a couple weeks ago. In between all that I managed to run the Angel Island 50k, 12 Hours at Cool, and the Headlands 50 mile.

Congrats on your first ultra! That is fantastic and you should be very proud of your accomplishment. Too bad about SOB, though. I have found that I learn something from every run, though, and they all make me a better runner.

And it sounds like you have been bitten by the ultra bug! I'm guessing I'll see you at Headlands next year toeing the line instead of crewing. I may do the 100 version of it next year myself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll make sure to visit yours more often (and not just through my feed reader).