Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I recently ordered a pair of gaiters from Dirty Girl Gaiters. I love these things. No more detritus in my shoes! I got the "hottie" pattern and it goes well with my yellow Mizuno shoes which, by the way, I have warmed to and quite like now. I hope I can get another pair the same color.

Hard to see them, but they are there.

These things are really easy to set up, just attach a piece of velcro (included) on the back of each shoe you plan to wear them with - Xi, the proprietor of DGG, includes enough for a few pair of shoes. Slip them on before your shoes, clip the lace holder to the front of your shoe laces and the velcro on the gaiter to your shoe. It's that simple and you won't even know they are there. Except for when you take your shoes off and there are no rocks or sticks!

Do your self a favor if you run or hike on trails...get a pair of these things.


Addy said...

glad you got some gaiters :) I love mine, except the front hook came off of both pairs :(. Just use safety pins for now, which sort of works. They keep my feet happy though!

Andy B. said...

I can't believe how great these things are. All that time running without and getting stuff in my shoes. I'll keep the safety pin thing in mind if I have problems with mine, thanks for the tip!