Sunday, August 5, 2007

New place for my musings on running

I thought it would be better to create a separate space for my running stuff, and keep the other one (blog, that is. see - if you want something to put you to sleep) for my general purpose rants and raves. This way I won't bore everybody with stuff they really don't want to read about. Like first blog posts such as this.

I first started running while in the military, but didn't like the formal aspect of running in formation, at someone else's pace, all while chanting lame call-and-response ditties about some girl on a hill and her sister. I really started running about 10 years ago, though it has been somewhat off-and-on. There have been a few stretches of minimal to no running in that time. My early running was mostly road running, and I ran the inaugural Silicon Valley Marathon in 1997. I did a fair amount of my marathon training on trails, mostly the trails at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. I have also run the Dipsea a couple times - and what a fun run that is.

As I mentioned earlier, my running has had its ups and downs. Injuries have given me some grief, mostly a problem with one of my knees that recently I had checked out and told was most likely a tight Illiotibial Band. I am happy to say that after doing a little research and incorporating some new stretches, I haven't had much of a problem with it. Now, I have a really good running mojo going, and am really gearing up to start running ultramarathons.

Trail running is, for me, really relaxing and challenging at the same time. I love being outside and have always enjoyed hiking, watching wildlife, hearing the sound of running water or wind rushing through the trees. As a kid, I loved to rock hop along and through rivers, and there is an element of that in running trails, as opposed to road running where the surface is quite predictable. I like picking my way through rocks and roots, under fallen trees, and over - or sometimes through - streams. The mental alertness trail running requires is a big draw, and one of the reasons I so enjoy it.

Well, that is all for my intro. I'm sure I will have much more to say and share, and hope all who come to this place will take the opportunity to say hi and share their own thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you out on the trails...

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